Oath Keepers jury told of 'pitchforks time'

Members of the Oath Keepers discussed “pitchforks” and “a killing spree” when they stormed the US Capitol, the jury at their trial has been told.

Missile forces Japan alert, evacuation orders

Japanese citizens were put on alert after a North Korean missile flew over its territory.

Hurricane Ian: Storm of desperation, frustration

More Florida deaths have been blamed on Hurricane Ian as frustration and desperation mounts after the storm cut through the state.

Trump sues CNN for $475m

Donald Trump is claiming CNN defamed him to scuttle his efforts to run for future political office and is seeking $475 million in damages.

Kwarteng faces new fight over benefits lift

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, fresh from his backdown over tax cuts, faces a new battle with Tory MPs over a previously promised benefits increase.

Brando's Oscar protester Littlefeather dies

The Native American activist who declined Marlon Brando’s 1973 Academy Award for The Godfather on his behalf in a memorable protest has died.

Europe faces 'unprecedented risk' of gas shortage, IEA says

Europe faces “unprecedented risks” to its natural gas supplies this winter after Russia cut off most pipeline shipments and could wind up competing with Asia for already scarce and expensive liquid gas that comes by ship, the International Energy Agency said.