N.Korea fires ballistic missiles

North Korea has carried out its fourth ballistic missile launch in a week, Seoul says, firing at least two towards the east coast.

Russia vetoes UN resolution on annexations

The US has vowed to turn to the UN General Assembly after Russia vetoed a Security Council resolution condemning its annexation in Ukraine.

We had no choice but to do something different with economy, says Kwarteng

The Chancellor has defended his mini-budget by saying the Government “had no other choice” than to do “something different” to spark the economy.

Trump fraud lawsuit goes to judge who held him in contempt

The New York attorney general’s lawsuit accusing Donald Trump and his company of fraud has been assigned to a state court judge who repeatedly ruled against the former president in related subpoena disputes — including holding him in contempt, fining him $110,000 and forcing him to sit for a deposition.

Jill Biden: GOP leaders underestimate the power of women

Jill Biden told a Democratic women’s group Friday that Republicans underestimated the power of women but that, together, they will “make sure that they never make that mistake again.”

With pomp, bluster and ceremony, Putin defies West in speech

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday cast his move to absorb four Ukrainian regions as part of an existential battle for Russia’s very survival against an aggressive West, a blustery show of his readiness to further up the ante in the conflict in Ukraine that has now entered its eighth month.

Biden uses $130M in frozen Egypt aid to help Pacific Islands

The Biden administration will pay for $130 million in new climate initiatives for Pacific Island nations by reallocating money that had originally been earmarked for military assistance for Egypt but withheld because of concerns over human rights abuses.