Man removed from Period Dignity role

A man appointed to the role of Period Dignity officer in Scotland has been removed, but no woman will be appointed to replace him after a major backlash erupted across the globe and individuals received “threats and abuse”.

Think Covid is fading? Science says think again

Scientists say Covid will be a scourge for a lot time yet, despite improved vaccines and vaccination rates and an apparent return to normal activities in many parts of the world.

$440m fine for US vaping giant

US e-cigarette maker Juul has been fined almost $440 million over its previous ads claiming vaping was a healthy alternative to smoking.

Bird flu surge could force up egg, meat prices

A poultry farm in Ohio has euthanized three million chickens after an outbreak of bird flu swept through the egg-laying operation.


Zimbabwe reports 700 child measles deaths

Zimbabwe says 700 children have died from measles and authorities say more needs to be done to increase awareness and mandatory vaccination against the disease.

New study could predict Alzheimer's risk before symptoms occur

People at greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease could be identified before symptoms appear with new method.


21m megacity locked down over Covid

Chinese authorities have locked down the 21 million people in the city of Chengdu, known internationally as the home of giant panda conservation work, over a Covid-19 outbreak.