Biden approves $300M military aid for Ukraine

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Joe Biden has approved a new package of military aid for Ukraine that totals up to $300 million and includes additional munitions for drones and an array of other weapons. It comes as Russia has continued to pummel Ukraine's capital and unmanned aircraft have targeted Moscow.

RUSSIA UKRAINE CONFLICT Russian regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov says Ukrainian shells wounded four people in Shebekino.
Ukraine warship destroyed amid border attacks: Russia

Attacks on Russian territory have increased as Ukrainian forces say they are preparing a push to end Russia’s invasion.

Redo of federal plane evacuation tests sought as passengers squeeze into smaller spaces

Lawmakers who want tougher standards for evacuating aircraft in an emergency have criticized the Federal Aviation Administration for what they consider unrealistic simulations, and now they are calling for a do-over of current evacuation tests.

Here's how Jordan's royal wedding will reverberate across the region and beyond

The Middle Eastern country of Jordan is set to host its biggest royal wedding in years on Thursday as the country's young Crown Prince Hussein exchanges vows with Rajwa Alseif, daughter of one of Saudi Arabia's wealthiest and most influential families.

NASA-UFOs A NASA panel is trying to explain sightings in the sky it calls unidentified aerial phenomena.
NASA UFO panel says better data needed

US space agency NASA has held its first public meeting on unidentified flying objects a year after launching a study into unexplained sightings.

UN expands Serbians' war crime convictions UN judges expanded the war crime convictions of Jovica Stanisic and another Serbian spy.
UN court expands war crime sentences of Milosevic aides

The war crime acquittals of two allies of Serbian spies have been overturned by the United Nations’ appeals court, who has instead expanded their sentences.

Unprecedented wildfire in Canada still burning

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (AP) - An unprecedented string of wildfires in Canada’s Atlantic-coast province of Nova Scotia continued to burn out of control for a fourth day on Wednesday, preventing thousands of evacuees from trying to see if their homes have been destroyed.

Bail for Pakistan's Imran Khan extended Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has had his bail for graft charges extended.
Bail for Pakistan's Imran Khan extended until June 19

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan’s arrest over allegedly receiving financial help to set up Al Qadir University sparked violent riots.