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Peru Congress Rejects Snap Election

LIMA, PERU -  Peru’s embattled president Dina Boluarte on Saturday urged lawmakers to find a way out of a deepening political crisis by agreeing to snap elections in December, just hours after Congress voted against the idea.

Fewer Migrants Risk Jungle Trek After New US Rules

BRASÍLIA, BRAZIL - The number of people making a perilous journey on foot through the Darien Gap jungle to reach the United States has dropped significantly since the U.S. government tightened its rules on migrants, the International Organization for Migration said.

Dozens of Children Hospitalized in Northern Brazil

BOA VISTA, BRAZIL -  Dozens of indigenous children suffering from malnutrition and acute diseases have been hospitalized in northern Brazil, with relatives in hammocks holding their emaciated frames in scenes that underscore the gravity of a public health crisis.